AstroPay India Review

AstroPay is the best online payment solution for India as it is widely accepted by all the major betting sites and casinos, and what’s even better, unlike banks, AstroPay is free of charge!

AstroPay India Review
AstroPay India Review

What is Astropay?

AstroPay is a very popular online payment system for online betting and gambling worldwide, including in India.

Once you register for AstroPay India Card, you can move your money very easily and without any charges for deposits or transfer fees. No fees mean that all your money transfers made with AstroPay to and from betting sites or casinos are completely free of charge.

With AstroPay India you can top up your account with any bank transfer method available in India, like UPI, INB, IMPS, Sticpay, PayTM, Neteller, and many more options like Visa and Mastercard Debit or Credit cards*. You can also fund your AstroPay India account with different cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, etc.

*AstroPay payment methods are subject to change, new payment methods are added constantly

Most of the bookies are using AstroPay for both deposits and withdrawals and both transactions are free of charge. Registration is easy and the verification of your account is simple, there is no waiting or long days process to verify your account.

AstroPay India Benefits

Astropay India
Astropay India

AstroPay India account will help you to move your money faster and cheaper between your betting and banking accounts.

Another benefit is that you can choose to have only an e-wallet where you handle all your transactions online or opt-in for an online account plus a physical AstroPay card. The AstroPay card works just like any other debit or credit card but is virtual.

Here are some of the key benefits of holding an AstroPay account or card.

  1. AstroPay is easy to use
  2. Accepted by most Indian betting sites
  3. Zero commissions on most transactions
  4. Handle your transactions in Indian Rupees
  5. Instant transfers
  6. Superb choice of funding your account
  7. Safe and secure

How to use AstroPay on betting sites?

With an Astropay card, Indian users can fund their accounts on betting sites accepting AstroPay in India as a payment method. The process typically involves purchasing an Astropay card with a desired amount, which is then used to make deposits on the chosen betting site.

To use Astropay in India, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Find a reputable betting site accepting Astropay as a payment method.
  2. Create an account on the chosen betting site, providing the required details and verifying your identity if necessary.
  3. Once your account is set up, navigate to the deposit section and select Astropay as your preferred payment method.
  4. You will be prompted to enter the card details from your Astropay virtual card. This typically includes the card number, expiration date, and CVV code.
  5. Enter the desired deposit amount and confirm the transaction. The funds should be instantly credited to your betting account.

How to open an AstroPay account from India?

To open your AstroPay account click on this link

astropay india login

Enter your phone number on the AstroPay signup form

Confirm your phone number – you will receive an SMS code

astropay india account verification

Confirm your phone number – you will receive an SMS code

Opt-in for card

astropay card india

You can opt-in for a physical card immediately or skip this step if you want an online account only. We have chosen to skip this step.

Chose your AstroPay password

astropay sign in

Select your password, it is recommended to make it strong for security reasons.

Fill in your personal details

how to create Astropay account India

As you can see in the image above, for verification you are required only to select the type of your personal document and enter your ID or Passport number. It can’t be easier than that! You can upload your documents later and they are not necessary if you are using an AstroPay account for deposits and transfers to other sites only.

Your AstroPay account has been created

astropay account has been created

Your Astropay account has been created, now you can deposit with any deposit method you prefer.

What is AstroPay Card and how does it work?

AstroPay is a digital wallet that offers a secure way to manage your money online. With AstroPay you can easily handle your online payments free of charge. With AstroPay you can pay and collect money on online sites, deposit and withdraw money, transfer money, and collect with payments.

Why choose AstroPay India Card?

AstroPay is a digital wallet that allows you to make transactions in INR (Indian Rupees) quickly and securely. You will be able to pay with your local payment methods and make deposits and withdrawals from your favorite online betting sites free of charge.

How much are Astropay India charges?

AstroPay India users are not charged for any transaction when spending money on sites that accept AstroPay cards, transferring money to friends, or buying services. The only applicable charge is when you are withdrawing money from the AstroPay card back to your bank account. If that is the case, you will be charged 0.50% per transaction, which is a very cheap and reasonable charge.

Do I have to enter my phone number to register or to log in to my AstroPay India account?

To use an AstroPay card, you must enter your phone number for both options. If you are registering for AstroPay India, you will receive an SMS verification code to verify your account. If you are logging in to your account, you will need to enter your password or the SMS verification code.

I’m from India. How can I deposit money to my AstroPay Card?

AstroPay India supports the following deposit options (all of them are free of charge): UPI, INB, IMPS, Sticpay, PayTM, Neteller, Visa and Mastercard Debit and Credit cards.

ASTROPAY is operated by AP Global Corporation LLP (OC346322); Larstal Limited (FRN: 901001), EMI authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (EMRs for the issuing of electronic money and payment instruments); AP Digital (IOM) Limited (135889C), registered with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority under the Designated Business Act, to conduct convertible virtual currency activity. AstroPay Corporation LLP (CNPJ 48.005.713/0001-74)* *Non-operative entity. 4 Kings Bench Walk, Temple, London EC4Y 7DL

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