Rajabets IPL 2023 Cricket Tournament

rajabets IPL 2023 tournament
Rajabets IPL 2023 Tournament

Rajabets IPL 2023 Tournament with 20 Lakh Prize Pool

As the new, 2023 IPL season is in full swing, Rajabets is running their ever-popular IPL Tournament with 20 Lakh Prize Pool!

Rajabets IPL 2023 Tournament 20 Lakh prize pool will be distributed between 200 top winners, with a grand prize of 425,000 INR for the most successful IPL punter.

You can win anything from 425,000 INR, which is a top prize, to 500 INR for the last place on the leaderboard table.

Any bet which is placed on IPL Cricket markets with a main balance of 1.70 or above with a minimum 100 INR stake will be eligible for the tournament.

You can check the updates about the status of your points from the widget in the player account.

Rajabets IPL 2023 campaign runs from 30/03/2023 18:30 UTC to 28/05/2023 23:00 UTC when the winners will be announced.

How to take part in Rajabets IPL 2023 Betting Tournament?

  1. Register for Rajabets account
  2. Place bets of a minimum ₹100 at 1.70 or higher
  3. Collect leaderboard points and finish at the top or any of the 200 places at the end of IPL 2023
  4. The top 200 winners will be credited with the prizes within 48 hours

The 20.00.000 INR IPL Cricket tournament total prize pool in this Rajabets campaign is distributed as Bonus Money with 1.50 odds x 1 wagering requirements. Bets can be placed only on the cricket – India Premier League events during the 2023 season.

How are the points calculated?

In order to collect points, you will have to win your bet. By winning, you will earn points and climb the ladder.

The minimum bet required to take part in the Rajabets IPL 2023 Tournament is 100 INR or the player’s currency equivalent.

Only winning bets with minimum odds of 1.70 and a minimum stake of ₹100 will count for points.

The bets participating in the campaign have to be placed with players’ own funds. Bets that are placed using free bets can not participate in the Rajabet IPL 2023 tournament.

During the Rajabets IPL 2023 Tournament, points for the won bets are calculated based on the win amount. Points = win minus stake. Example: 170 INR win with 100 INR stake gives 70 points to a player.

In the case of a tied score, the player achieving the score first will get the prize associated with the position. Each player can win one prize during each tournament.

Canceled, refunded, lost, cashed out bets and bets that have been won after the all tournaments have ended (after 18:30 UTC of tournament day) are not participating in the Rajabets IPL 2023 Tournament and are not subjected to any prizes.

All prizes are paid out by the end of each tournament within 48 hours.

rajabets IPL tournament 2023

Rajabets IPL 2023 Tournament Prize Distribution

The Rajabest IPL 2023 Tournament 20.00.000 INR prize pool will be distributed as;

1st Place 425,000 INR

2nd Place 260,000 INR

3rd Place 180,000 INR

4th Place 125,000 INR

5th Place 100,000 INR

6th Place 77,500 INR

7th Place 60,000 INR

8th Place 50,000 INR

9th Place 40,000 INR

10th Place 30,000 INR

11th-15th Place 25,000 INR

16-20th Place 20,000 INR

21-25th Place 15,000 INR

26-30th 10,000 INR

31-35th 7,500 INR

36-40th 5,000 INR

41-50th 4,000 INR

51-75th 3,000 INR

76-100th 2,000 INR

101-150th 1,000 INR

151-200th 500 INR